Water Pump & Submersible

Last year in January of 2018 our team visited India on a mission trip. It was an opportunity to visit some tribal and rural areas.

Experiencing the culture first hand and observing the respect the people of India give to strangers is a notable thing. The Indian people care about their neighbors and are highly hospitable. As we explored their needs, we noticed a need in a nearby village in the Araku Valley. We discovered that they had poor water facilities. They have a small river which is far from where they live. To acquire water, the villagers need to physically carry water for daily use including drinking and cooking . After seeing this need we decided to break ground on two much-needed clean water pumps and bathrooms for a partner non profit called Rescue the World Foundation.

We would like to continue the work in India reaching even more villages to help locals with what they need. The change cannot happen with us alone but together we can bring change to the lives of many in India. Won’t you partner with us.

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