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Nalini Krishan our ambassador to India distributing clothing and toys to orphans in a rural village in India.

TOGETHER, HOPE IS RISING. Destiny Global is a hopeful to be a fully 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for 2019. Our passion is to help eradicate human suffering in all its forms by lifting the spirit of one person at a time. We are in the process of fully obtaining our tax exempt status to make us a compliant 501(c)(3) and expect it to be available for July 2019 donations. The start of our journey as an organization has been incredibly powerful and exciting. This is because of the work we are doing, pursuing, and the skilled board members involved in our development.

WHO WE ARE. Welcome to Destiny Global. Eradicating Human Suffering In All Its Forms. Serving Indian Orphans, Widows, Men, Women and Children. Taking care of the sick and less fortunate in order to provide them with a way to live with hope. We believe that every human life is valuable. In the US and around the world, Destiny Global is equipped to address major humanitarian efforts, including housing and feeding orphans, providing clean water, building schools and orphanages, caring for widows and veterans, protecting and providing for human trafficking victims, suicide prevention, and many others. We bring education and industry into communities so that individuals gain the opportunities and skills to provide for themselves. We help, encourage, protect, and empower people to achieve their DESTINY OF HOPE.

WHERE WE GO. With ambassadors to India, Africa, Armenia, and more, we seek to provide access to food, clean water, child protection, education, resources, and job opportunities to communities in crisis. We also work in our local communities domestically across the United States. OUR DESTINY IS GLOBAL. 

Orphans have come from around Araku Valley to have a meal, play games and get new clothing, shoes and toys from Destiny Global.

In January 2018, the Destiny Global team embarked on its first humanitarian trip to India, where we distributed food and clothes to orphans, widows, babies and human trafficking victims, and broke ground on two much-needed clean water pumps and bathroom for a partner non profit called Rescue the World Foundation. Our goal is to return to India to begin work on a school for 80 orphaned children. We need your financial support to be able to complete our projects. 

Our love for the orphans in India we met has only increased. We are raising money to buy land and build them a school where they can be safe, learn and have opportunities for bright futures!

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Tuan Nguyen, founder of Destiny Global, hands new clothes to an orphaned child living in Araku Valley.
On our way to Araku Valley in Visakhapatnam, India. Our team partnered with Save the World and had the opportunity to bring around 60 orphans from the region clothes, shoes, food and plenty of smiles.

GOOD PEOPLE DOING SOMETHING. Although the darkness in our world often seems overwhelming, that won’t stop Destiny Global from shining a light. But we can’t do it alone. We all have a role in helping create a lasting impact of hope. Good people, It’s our destiny. Will you #joinus ? 
Destiny Global

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